What are Online Courses?

what are online courses What are Online Courses?

Definition of Online Courses

In case you’re wondering what are online courses, the easiest definition of online courses is,

“Online courses refer to courses and classes undertaken on internet”.

Over the past few years, online courses have emerged as a popular and a convenient mode of acquiring academic credentials. With the notion of globalization on the surge, people have more easy access to the internet, and thus are inculcating it more and more in their everyday lives.

The independence and flexibility of online courses have made it possible for people from all walks of life to cater for their educational needs in a self-devised manner. Be they full-time committed professionals, or overly busy single parents or people with different relentless obligations; different online courses are the best answer for them. In fact, time- pressed lives are accommodating online education system more than ever before.

Online Degree Programs and Certifications Offered

Online courses entail all sorts of degree programs such as associates, bachelors, masters and up till doctorate level. High school graduates who do not have enough time to attend on campus classes can also benefit from online courses.

Moreover, people who cannot spare time to pursue online degrees; online certification programs and short diplomas provide them with credentials which are not only handy but also recognized by employers in corporate world.

A huge list of online courses provide wide array of degree and certifications which are in demand for today’s needs such as business administration, computers, information technology, health care and so forth. Under the notion “sky is the limit”; one can truly expand their career horizons using this advance system.

Usually the onset of online classes begins with a formal orientation which gives students a demo as to what kind of a program they’re about to enroll in, info about the employed technology, and a chance to meet instructors and faculty.

Interaction with Instructors

Communications with the instructors are kept through e-mails, instant messages, chat rooms, video conferences, bulletin boards, and telephonic conversations.

Mediums of Education & Communication

Students are taught via web conferences, streaming audios, tele-conferencing and recorded lectures. Since the online teaching methodology differs from traditional on campus classes, mode of study also differs from that of on campus methodology.

Submission of Assignments

Students enrolled in online degree programs are required to submit their assignments, have to participate in graded discussion boards, appear in online conducted tests, and occasionally take quizzes too.

Technical Requirements Before Signing Up for an Online Course

When it comes to what are online courses technical requirements? All you need is a:

  • Multi-tasked computer capable of multiple tasks and streaming video.
  • A printer
  • High speed internet.

    Plus, in order to get started properly, a person should be skilled with basic computer know-how such as:

  • being able to surf, browse,
  • send & receive e-mails
  • download documents
  • creating files & folders
  • familiarity with Microsoft word & it’s functions

Types of Operating Systems

There is a twofold online operating system being practiced in online courses programs:

Synchronous System

Firstly, there is the synchronous system which makes it mandatory that all students log in at a same time. An instructor in such a case might deliver a live lecture with the aid of a web-cam or may require his students to engage in a chat session.

Asynchronous System

The other method employed is the asynchronous method which does not require that all students log in at the same time like the first method. Students might be asked to post comments on bulletin boards, turn in essays and other assignments, or participate with other class mates for a group project.

Although, online courses are very feasible at personal end, involve no commuting and are relatively cheaper, but with all these plusses one has to be very proficient, self- disciplined and be willing to invest regular blocks of time for fulfillment of course requirements.

Accreditation and Resourcefulness

Now that you’ve had a crystal cut idea as to what are online courses, opting for the right school and online degree program is critical for a fruitful online academic venture. It would be a great idea to counsel with family/ friends, do a little online surfing and make careful investigations about the viability of online courses before enrollment in any online program.

It’s futile to invest an enormous chunk of time and money in a degree program which is not worthwhile and won’t pay off in the future. So always be a little careful not skeptical when it comes to online class venture!

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